Mekorot's Five Year Plan

Mekorot's Five Year Plan

Israel is located in an area which one of its main characteristics is a prominent shortage of water. Other characteristics are the prevailing climatic phenomena in the region, such as seven consecutive years of drought which recently befell the country increasing this shortage. But not only Israel is facing a water crisis. It turns out that this is a global problem, shared by many countries.
You should know: according to UN figures, about 1.1 billion people out of about 6.6 billion people around the world have no access to safe drinking water. The data further shows that the global water crisis is only expected to worsen: by 2025 there will be a shortage of drinking water in more than half the world's countries. In 2050, when the world’s population will reach 9.1 billion people, the crisis is expected to peak mainly in developing countries, which are the main victims of the water crisis: countries in Africa, South America and West Asia. The UN projections indicate that at the height of the crisis, one in four people will live in the country suffering from partial or permanent shortage of drinking water.

The many reasons testifying to the dire predictions indicate the depth of the crisis. These reasons include, among others:
• A significant decline in rainfall, which brought on lasting drought in extensive parts of the world

• Mismanagement of available water resources

• Infiltration of sea water to the aquifers due to the decline of the groundwater level

• Salinization of natural water reservoirs and wells as a result of over-pumping
• Population growth and rising standards of living, which lead to an increase in water consumption

• Pollution of water sources by non-treated wastewater (mainly industrial)

In Israel the situation is different. Despite the difficult starting point and the prolonged drought, always, under any conditions and at all times, water is supplied with reliability and quality all over the country. “Mekorot’s” experience, knowledge and professionalism, expressed in the responsible and comprehensive management of resources and sources of water in a national perspective, enable the continued development and growth of households, agriculture and industry, from the summits of Mount Hermon to the edge of the Arava, 365 days a year.

“Mekorot” is operating first and foremost to ensure water supply to the people in the country, of optimal quality, and with the required availability and quantity. To that end the Group is promoting a five year plan, in the scope of circa six billion NIS. The plan includes a series of projects with critical impact, with the aim of providing an optimal response to the domestic consumers, today and in the future.