Managing the Water Resource

Managing water sources and water resources

Based on the natural and alternative water sources, Mekorot manages and operates the resources and water systems in an integrated way and from a national and holistic perspective, or overall view. The biggest challenge facing Mekorot in terms of correct and responsible management of the water industry is controlling the demand for water on the one hand, and finding water supply alternatives that will provide the optimal solution to consumption, at any time and under all conditions, on the other.
In order to ensure a water supply quality that is safe, regular and reliable to a wide range of users and for multiple needs, Mekorot operates 9 integrated command and control centers. These centers conduct operations by remote control in real time for about 3,000 installations simultaneously, including wells, pumping stations, reservoir pools and pipelines. This is done through advanced computerized technological systems that facilitate efficient, flexible and energy efficient operations.
Command and control centers collect hundreds of thousands of data daily from the field, which reflects the supply situation, the water quality and water security – on an individual facility level, as well as on the level of all the facilities combined.
In addition, the system is capable of giving warning in the case of abnormal situations, thereby enabling immediate treatment, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Mekorot also has local systems which allow for automatic operation without the “intervention” of the command center. Where necessary, the system allows the systems of the control center to "intervene" from afar in the current operation, by secure online login from the control center.
Mekorot’s highly effective operational control is reflected more accurately in the low annual water loss rate, of the water it supplies during the course of the year. This rate is extremely low and stands at less than 3%.
Moreover, Mekorot has developed smart models for the optimal operation of the country’s water supply systems.

The models, which further enhance the ability to manage and supply water, include:

  • The annual operational planning optimization
  • Optimal operation of the water supply system in real time
  • Optimal operational planning of effluent water plants for agriculture
  • Planning and control of the stresses in the supply system and as a result – reducing leaks and water loss rates

Due to the increasing demand for water, Mekorot is constantly developing models to ensure and improve the reliability and quality of the water supply. The group relies on its experience, capabilities and vast knowledge that it possesses for the 100 megaprojects that it conducts simultaneously throughout Israel.