Facts & Figures


In order to meet the future national needs, “Mekorot” is establishing these days the “New National Carrier”. This is the largest most extensive infrastructure project constructed in Israel in the last fifty years. With its completion in 2014, the “New National Carrier” will connect the five desalination facilities along the Mediterranean – from Ashkelon to Hadera – to the national water system. Meaning, the “New National Carrier” water will supply water not only from the classis sources – the Kinneret, aquifers and drillings – but from an unlimited source: the sea. Accordingly, the direction of the supply of water in Israel will change: no longer from north to south, but from the west, from the sea, to all directions.

The revolution in the water sector led by “Mekorot” is a national project of the utmost importance, carried out with foresight and with a national outlook for both this and future generations.

Some data and facts on the “New National Carrier”:

• Cost of the project: circa 3 billion NIS.

• “Mekorot” is laying approximately 100 km of water lines of unusual diameters of 2 – 2.5 meters.

• New stations, special reservoirs and large pools will ensure the reliability of the water supply and the quality of the supplied water.

• The water supply process through the “New National Carrier” will be supervised and managed from cutting-edge control rooms and the most advanced technologies in the world.

• The advanced technologies will allow real-time response to the changing demands of the various water consumers, anywhere in Israel.

• Complex challenges in terms of engineering and technology also require coping with varying terrains.

• The establishment of the “New National Carrier” is done while addressing the environments, together with streamlining in the field of energy.

• At the same time, and as part of the project, “Mekorot” is establishing the new desalination facility in Ashdod and the “Fifth Pipeline for Jerusalem”. The desalinated water from the Ashdod facility will be received by the “New National Carrier”, that will provide, through the fifth pipeline, desalinated water to Jerusalem and its environs – thus significantly increasing the amount of water supplied to the Judea Mountains region.

• The “New National Carrier” will receive desalinated water from another mega project executed by “Mekorot”: the “Eastern Drainage” project for the rehabilitation of the southern coastal aquifer. The addition of water to the national water system will come from two desalination facilities established by “Mekorot” as part of the rehabilitation of the aquifer – “Lahat” and “Granot”.

• Upon its completion, the “New National Carrier” will add approximately 629 million cubic meters of water per annum to the national water system.

• The meaning: as of the beginning of 2014 most of the drinking water supplier to households in Israel will be desalinated water – approximately 75% of the consumption.