A National Mission- Project's as Part of the Plan

From amongst the projects included in “Mekorot’s” five year plan:

The New National Carrier Project
– changing the layout of the existing “national carrier”, the establishment of new major supply routes, connecting desalination facilities and setting up the “Fifth Pipeline for Jerusalem”.

The project to save the coastal aquifer – preventing the continued salinization of the coastal aquifer, which is the largest water reservoir in the country. In this framework “Mekorot” performs dozens of drillings on the aquifer border drawing through them brackish water that are passed through two brackish water desalination facilities – “Lahat” and “Granot”.  The facilities desalinate the water and bring it to drinking and agricultural irrigation quality, according to the regulations.

The establishment of the Ashdod desalination facility – a facility that will add every year more than 100 million cubic meters of water to the water market in Israel. The water desalinated by the facility will be received and incorporated into the “New National Carrier” together with the desalinated water from four other desalination facilities built and located along the Mediterranean Sea. The cost of its construction is estimated at 250 million dollars and will include the most complex systems, such as underwater pipelines, and later on - even a power plant that will provide its operation energy.

The settlement network project – enhancing the water supply to the Negev. in the course of the next few years an increase is expected in the momentum of development of the Negev and Arava – due to the move of the military bases to the Training Base City (Ir Ha’Bahdim), due to the establishment of new settlements (for example, Haluziut and Lachish) and due to the receipt of returning sons in the settlements. To meet the development requirements of the Negev, Arava and the rest of the country, “Mekorot” will connect remote areas to the national water system and increase the water supply to peripheral settlements.

The drilling project – realizing the water potential, mainly through new boreholes while at the same time rehabilitating existing boreholes. In this framework and based on the global hydrological expertise, the new drilling works will continue and dozens of other boreholes will be rehabilitated. These extensive operations in the water sector are expected to add tens of million cubic meters of water, suitable for domestic and agricultural use.

The Agricultural Pipeline Project – the preservation and development of agriculture. This is one of the strategic goals of the State of Israel in general and of “Mekorot” in particular. Since most of the effluent water is generated in the cities in the center of Israel while agriculture is carried out in the periphery, there is great importance to the establishment of a “National Agricultural Pipeline”, that will direct the effluents from the center to the periphery, while collecting the water to provide an optimal response to the growing demands in the warmer months.

A master plan for agriculture in the Golan Heights – “Mekorot” is committed to providing a reliable water supply to the Golan Heights just like Tel Aviv. The Golan Heights are not connected to the national water system and “Mekorot” is constantly working at increasing the available water in the region to continue allowing the existence of extensive settlement and agriculture in the region. As part of its efforts “Mekorot” is promoting these days, in collaboration with the Water Authority, a master plan for water for agriculture in the northern Golan Heights. The plan will enable the increase of water allocations to farmers and the building of new reservoirs and pools in the Heights.

Repaying “debts” to Mother Nature – “Mekorot’s” vigorous activity will also allow the repayment of debts to Mother Nature: in recent years, following the prolonged droughts, the water levels in the aquifers dwindled. After all the desalination facilities will begin operation, 629 million cubic meters of water will be desalinated in Israel every year. In this new reality new, already in 2014 “Mekorot” will introduce water to the depth of the aquifers and will “repay debts
to nature
Following projects and tasks performed by “Mekorot” in the country, the Group leverages its unique advantages in the field of water and promotes projects overseas with great economic and diplomatic potential for the State of Israel. “Mekorot’s” international activity is carried out through its subsidiary, “Mekorot Development and Enterprise” and includes projects in diverse areas such as: desalination, water quality, water safety, wastewater treatment, and more.