Partnership Center

Submitting a proposal for cooperation with WaTech®

Do you have an innovative solution in the area of water technology? WaTech®, Mekorot's Center for Technological Innovation and Co-operation will be happy to "give it wings". The unit receives proposals for cooperation from entrepreneurs, startups, research & academic bodies, and established companies that offer innovative solutions in the area of water and the environment.

Interested in investigating the possibility for cooperation with WaTech®?

In order to submit a request for cooperation with WaTech®, please send the following materials:

  • Explanations and comprehensive technical material on the technology and the proposed idea.
  • An explanation of the status of current activity: the product's stage of development, initial proof of feasibility, results, reports, and all other relevant material.
  • Documents that attest to technological innovation and the strength of the intellectual property.
  • A business plan, market survey and/or description of potential market share addressed by the technology.
  • Details on the cooperation required from Mekorot and the anticipated main work stages.
  • Details on the company and its personnel.

Please lay emphasis on the technology's novelty as compared with existing technologies and explain the relevance of the proposed solution for Mekorot's daily operations. Additionally, the technology must meet Mekorot's technological need.

Please compile your materials and send them to WaTech® at

Good Luck!