Strategic Partners


BlueTech® is a consulting firm established in 2011 that supplies analysis and information on innovations in the water industry. The company's clients—water companies, research institutes and investors—benefit from regularly delivered services that assist them in advancing innovation and R & D while remaining in touch with goings on in the industry. BlueTech® performs mapping and analysis in the global arena of water industry innovation and monitors startup companies as well as intellectual property and its commercialization.




WssTP is a European platform for advancing research in the water industry. The platform was established in 2004 by European research institutions in order to advance cooperation between different players in the water industry and to better define the industry's research needs.




Xylem is a global water corporation that spearheads the discussion on dealing with water-related challenges around the world. Xylem's innovative products supply solutions to the water industry's entire value chain including: transport, treatment & monitoring for water utilities, and solutions to major end consumers such as office buildings, industry and farmers. Xylem sells its product in more than 150 countries.