"Eshkol" Visitors Center

A multi-sensory experience


Beit Netofa Valley, north of the Movil intersection  (Entrance via Road 784 next to Kibbutz Hanaton)

Come and enjoy a multi-sensory experience at the Mekorot visitors center at the Eshkol Site. Here the water that has been pumped from the Sea of Galilee is treated to improve the quality before it is pumped into a closed pipeline across the country by means of the National Carrier. The visit begins with a spectacular exhibit of water, lights, colors and sounds, combined with a fascinating explanation of Israel's water sources and of the treatment methods applied before supplying excellent quality drinking water to all parts of Israel. After “soaking up” the performance and reviews, you move on to a floor-sized map of  Israel  in an enclosed observation point within the center  where you can see great views of the reservoirs and the surrounding area.
The film that will be shown later on illustrates what you did before: the process whereby a drop of water passes from the Sea of Galilee, or from the groundwater or from the sea - until it reaches the taps at home.

A few other interesting facts... 
The Eshkol Center, situated at Mekorot’s Eshkol Site, symbolizes technology, innovation and progress. The Central Filtration Plant, one of the biggest and most complex of its kind in the world, is also located at the site. It further enhances the quality of the water from the Sea of Galilee, which is supplied across the country and combines technologies, the most advanced engineering methods and operational processes. At the end of the filtration process, the water from the Sea of Galilee reaches a level of clarity that meets the most stringent standards. These standards put Israel at the forefront of Western countries in terms of treating drinking water.

To arrange a visit: Tel 04-6500663, Fax 04-6001415


  • Visits are arranged by appointment for groups, from Sunday to Thursday, between the hours: 8:30 to 16:00.
  • During holidays and summer vacations, there are tours for groups, families and individuals, as advertised in the media.
  • The visits are subject to a minimum number of participants. The tour lasts about an hour and a quarter.