Water Sampling

Testing water for bacteria and contaminants

As part of its activities in the field of drinking water security, Mekorot conducts yearly tests to detect the presence of harmful contaminents in the water, even exceeding the number of tests required by the regulations. For example, of the 29,000 tests conducted every year to detect the presence of bacteria, approximately 1,140 tests are carried out at sampling points located at the inlet to the national water supply system and the inlet point of the water into the towns. Moreover, approx. 18,650 additional tests are conducted annually for the detection of bacteria at approx. 710 sampling points in the water sources themselves. In addition to the bacterial identification tests, more than 74,500 tests of various chemical parameters are conducted annually on drinking water. In the event that deviations are detected in the tests from the values permitted in the National Health Regulations, the water supply is stopped immediately and Mekorot takes several steps to dispose of the contaminent in the water.