Security System

Security System

As part of its conservation of water - Israel's strategic asset – Mekorot performs diverse actions to secure the water, starting with the water sources through to supply to customers, including:


*  Planning the security system from a security perspective
*  Burying most of the water pipes deep in the ground
*  Fencing and securing  surface facilities
*  Integrating advanced technologies with physical and electronic

*  Operating devices for the detection and identification of hazards
*  Installing a monitoring system, sophisticated continuous command

    and control along the supply system, for  early warning of deterioration

    in the water quality
*  Developing and implementing strategies that include procedures and ways of dealing with pollution events
*  Developing models to predict the movement of contaminants
In order to detect water pollution as early as possible, Mekorot’s control and monitoring system integrates conventional and innovative physicochemical technologies in its work, together with unique biological methods. For example, Mekorot uses fish as a unique means of testing water quality. Through innovative devices, the behavior of a suitable variety of small fish is examined. Advanced software allows diagnosis of unexplained changes in their behavior, changes which could indicate the penetration of pollution into the water.

Mekorot is not content to rely on the monitoring and early warning systems. In case of suspicion of contamination in the drinking water, skilled and professional teams take samples of the water and send them to Mekorot’s laboratories. In the advanced laboratories, which combine leading technologies, various tests are conducted which provide a quick, reliable and precise response regarding the nature of the contamination.

Mekorot makes every effort to upgrade the water security system and to develop technological means which are unique in the industry. In this context, Mekorot collaborates with many academic and research organizations, together with local and international private companies. Its advanced solutions are even implemented abroad, where they are highly regarded.