Quality Laboratories

Quality Laboratories


As part of water quality assurance in Israel, Mekorot operates a central laboratory at the Eshkol site and five regional laboratories nationwide.

 The laboratories conduct advanced tests on water sampling of all kinds:
* Drinking water
* Desalinated seawater
* Desalinated brackish water
* Swimming pool water
* Wastewater, effluents and sludge


Thanks to the credibility of the Central Laboratory, the Ministry of Health has recognized it as a certified organization for conducting all the tests specified in the National Health Regulations for the purpose of assuring the quality of the drinking water as well as for testing wastewater. The Ministry of Health also recognizes all of Mekorot’s laboratories as an entity authorized to test chemical and microbial indicators in drinking water and in wastewater. Approximately 271,000 different tests are performed each year on about 71,000 water samples.

All its laboratories have been certified by the Ministry of Health and they comply with the International Standard ISO/IEC 17025. Experts on an international level are employed in Mekorot’s laboratories in the fields of chemistry, microbiology and biology. As part of their functions, they manage and conduct dozens of studies aimed at finding new solutions to problems of water quality and water security, and the implementation of modern equipment for conducting water tests in the laboratory as well as in the field.

Further evidence of the high quality of the laboratories can be found in the recognition they receive from international entities . For example, Mekorot’s laboratories regularly participate in the prestigious program of the United States Geological Survey (USGS). The program compares the laboratories from the U.S. with those from various countries around the world, in terms of the level of credibility and accuracy of  the results. Mekorot is consistently ranked in the top echelon of the participating laboratories.