Biological Treatment

Biological treatment using fish

 On a global level, Mekorot has pioneered a biological method for dealing with the quality of water. This method is based on fish, which are used as “sanitarians” in the water. The essentials: Different nuisances that grow naturally in bodies of water constitute links in the food chain and serve as natural food for various fish. The fish "sanitarians" eat the algae, snails and tiny animals, without polluting the water. According to the biological treatment system, the northern reservoirs of the National Carrier – Zalmon and Eshkol – are populated with different species of fish, while maintaining a balance between them, as an essential element in the success of the treatment. Initially, tilapia and a common carp were introduced into the reservoirs, and later on mullet. Since its implementation, the biological system has proven its effectiveness, and today it is also used to reduce the nuisance of blockages in the water systems that are designated for irrigation, which receives water from open reservoirs.