Continuing Research & Development

Continuing Research & Development

The “Mekorot” Group promotes the engineering and technical knowledge in various water fields thanks to ongoing experiments, surveys and engineering studies it conducts. This is done through collaboration between the Group's experts and officials from scientific entities in Israel and overseas, including: leading universities, the Technion and research institutions. Over the last decade “Mekorot” conducted over 640 different studies and surveys. This research activity is concentrated and operated by “Mekorot’s” Center for Technological Innovation – WaTech.

“Mekorot” initiates the use of these scientific tools to meet the advanced water challenges and for its work. Some of the initiatives for research come from external sources, as part of the cooperation fostered by “Mekorot”. In such a case, the various initiatives are being considered by the “Mekorot” technical committees, which examine the feasibility of the study from several aspects, including:

• The expected professional values
• The potential of the innovative knowledge to promote water issues
• The efficacy of the methods of treatment and the tests proposed therein

“Mekorot” appoints a referent on its behalf to each study, experiment or survey, who is responsible for managing and monitoring the execution, including determining the work plan, the rate and quality of execution, and meeting the budgetary framework. Every year “Mekorot” professional committees examine the new research proposals and the study results of the passing year. Accordingly, they formulate recommendations regarding budgeting studies, whether it is a study that began recently or whether it is a new study.

“Mekorot” researches and develops the following areas:

• Expanding the available water resources – improving desalination abilities, effluent recovery, rain enhancement and integration of different water sources in the national water supply.

• Desalination – conducting surveys and studies to improve the costs of desalination and use of innovative technologies for the desalination of brackish water and seawater and effluent recycling.

• Engineering Services - geological and hydrological research which includes constructing hydro-geological models, water balance calculations, performing pumping tests and hydrological and geological surveys as part of environmental needs.

• Water Supply – improving the reliability of the water supply by developing computerized mathematical models for optimal operation of water supply systems.

• Water treatment – research and development of cost-effective technologies for water treatment, optimizing and upgrading existing facilities.

• Control management and water safety systems – the development of methodologies and tools for monitoring and controlling the water sources.

• Water quality – constant improvement of water quality by developing innovative treatment methods for water, prevention of water contamination, studies for sophisticated monitoring and control systems.

• Treatment of wastewater and recycling effluents for agriculture – studies for the application of new physical, chemical and biological techniques for wastewater treatment, research and development for finding new treatment methods for improving the ecologic balance and the environment.

• Sustainable development – development and integration of green technologies to reduce the use of natural resources and for the protection of the environment, such as disinfectants without use of additional chemicals, biological treatment using fish, reducing the amount of concentrate from the desalination facilities, self-generation of power, etc.