Plans for the Future

Mekorot has a vision for the future, which includes three main objectives in wastewater treatment and water recycling: streamlining the processes, taking full advantage of all the effluents in Israel and completely halting the flow of effluents that are not utilized, to the environment.

In this context, Mekorot invests a great deal in research and development, in conjunction with leading organizations worldwide. An example of Mekorot’s progressive thinking in the field can be seen in the advanced pilot project that Mekorot is currently implementing at the Shafdan Site, to study the desalination of wastewater for agriculture. This pilot project constitutes the next breakthrough in the age of desalination – the desalination of wastewater, which will facilitate the further development of agriculture in Israel. This places the emphasis on the quality of the water, the ability to produce the quantities required as well as ensuring the economic feasibility for the farmers. The facilities currently required for the treatment of wastewater stretch over large areas, and, with the increase in the amount of reclaimed water in the future, additional large areas will be required. The pilot project being conducted by Mekorot will also facilitate an environmental breakthrough: By using a small industrial desalination plant for wastewater, valuable tracts of land will be freed up.