Corporate Responsibility

Corporate Responsibility

Mekorot is committed to the national effort of providing readily available, good quality water to the citizens of Israel whilst preserving water resources, nature and landscapes. At the same time, the company is committed to promoting its ventures in a manner that will result in sustainable growth and a balance between the needs of the present generation and those of future generations..

Corporate responsibility can be seen in four main areas:

• Protecting the environment
• Business-strategic activity
• Social involvement
• Environmental responsibility

Based on a deep-rooted awareness of the effects on the environment and the community in those areas in which the company is active, issues of environmental and social responsibility are a central element of the company's basic values as are its activities in each of its core areas.

This can be seen in the Ma'Aleh rating awarded to Mekorot for five consecutive years, the highest rating possible –Platinum Plus.

 Ma'Aleh ratings examine the economy's leading companies every year, with regard to their socio-environmental results whilst focusing on a number of crucial areas:

  • Environmental quality
  • Business ethics
  • Human rights and the working environment
  • Social involvement
  • Corporate governance
  • Social, environmental accountability

Ma'Aleh ratings are a powerful tool for evaluating and measuring the assimilation of socio-environmental values and commitments in large organizations. The rating is used as an index for evaluating corporate responsibility in Israel in the following areas:

  • Healthy, balanced work relations
  • Purchasing responsibility
  • Environment and sustainability
  • Ethical issues
  • Diversity and acceptance
  • Social involvement
  • Corporate governance

This year, 128 companies with more than 310,000 employees and combined revenues of NIS 410 billion were part of the Ma'Aleh Rating.

Since its establishment 80 years ago, Mekorot has placed the protection and preservation of water sources and the environment at the head of its objectives in order to provide quality water to both present and future generations. Based on a deep awareness of the company's influence on the environment and the society in which we live, socio-environmental responsibility is a central part of the company's basic values as are its actions in each of its core areas. Thus, the socio-environmental ethic of Mekorot's decision makers as well as its employees, is part of the company's DNA and can be seen in all areas of the company's activities.


The rating's results reflect the safe and advanced working environment of Mekorot's employees – a work environment that allows for professional development through training programs, training in core areas, increased employee safety, maintaining a working environment that supports employees' rights and needs with a balance between work, family and recreation.


Mekorot has a natural and deep-rooted responsibility to preserve water sources and the environment. This year, the company was awarded bonus points in this area thanks to its huge environmental investments which included:


  • A dialogue with environmental and local community organizations
  • Achievements in reducing water loss
  • Energy efficiency
  • Advancing environmental technologies


Mekorot's ranking at the head of this prestigious list is the direct result of the company's long-term strategic vision which combines exceptional operational and performance abilities alongside high socio-environmental investments. Mekorot's ranking success is a reflection of the company's strength and stability and places it at the head of the Israeli water economy.


The index reflects the work carried out over the past year and the socio-environmental investments that have borne fruit and which are also reflected in the ranking.


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