Reducing Water Shortage

Water Depreciation

“Mekorot” operates at all times to reduce depreciation in its water systems, and is considered to be a record holder in this field as well. Its excellent control is reflected in the low rate of water depreciation, which is less than 3% of the water supplied by the Group!
In a country like Israel, which lies on the desert border and where every cubic meter of water contributes to the establishment of yet another settlement and greenhouse and enables the cultivation of another agricultural field, “Mekorot” is committed to conserve and utilize every drop of water. Low levels of water depreciation directly contribute to an increase in the amount of water available, but not only. The contribution is reflected in other aspects such as water conservation, direct reduction in energy consumption, improving the environment and reducing the amount of greenhouse gas emissions. All this is done with both an operational view and environmental responsibility.

To meet all the needs of the country’s residents – drinking, agriculture and industry – “Mekorot” operates over 12,000 km of water lines of various types, depending on national needs. The pipelines are used for the transport of water of different qualities: fresh water, brackish water, water undergoing desalination, effluents, and more.

These complex operational challenges are met by “Mekorot” through a series of actions, including:
• Maintenance of water lines – “Mekorot’s” water lines are laid as a web connecting all of the country. They are operated under harsh and complex working conditions with heavy loads on the pipelines from within and from without. Some are buried in the ground and some are aboveground. Some even cross rivers, roads, railways, bridges and various infrastructures. For the operation, measurement and assurance of the pipelines’ operation “Mekorot” uses a variety of hydraulic and electro-mechanical command and control devices, installed along them, while ensuring the quality of raw materials, high performance levels and close monitoring. To ensure the reliability of the water supply “Mekorot” concurrently operates a system for remote reading of water meters (AMR). The system allows receiving real-time alerts on damage, theft of water, unusual events and any other failure in the water supply system.

• Preventing corrosion of water lines – failures in operation may be a result of damage caused by corrosion of the pipeline. Therefore, “Mekorot” invests special efforts in formulating and developing solutions to prevent such failures. In its efforts, the Group is working on developing advanced models for the study of failures, in locating new engineering materials that prevent corrosion and developing new technologies to prevent it.

• Operation of reservoirs – “Mekorot” holds an array of 90 water reservoirs nationwide, associated according to the source of the collected water stored in them and according to their purpose. The reservoirs enable efficient, smart and flexible water resource management.

• Models for the efficient operation of water sources and systems – “Mekorot” implements smart models for optimal operation of the water supply system. The purpose of the models is to optimize the reliability of the water supply, to conserve energy and to bring down water depreciation to a minimum, as a result of seepage and evaporation in reservoirs.

“Mekorot”, which as stated before achieved the lowest rate of water depreciation in the world, does not settle for a series of actions carried out today. The Group set itself a goal of achieving an even lower rate of water depreciation in the upcoming years.