Command and Control

Command and Control

An expression of “Mekorot’s” technological leadership can also be found in the command and control systems operated by the Group. These systems enable an integrative management with a nationwide outlook of the water resources in real time and an effective energy-saving operation of the water market. They allow automated remote control and monitoring of all of “Mekorot’s” water facilities and ensure quality, reliability and availability of the water supply; this, along with operational and energy streamlining.

To ensure the proper and consecutive functioning of the water supply system and its facilities, “Mekorot” operates 9 command and control centers deployed nationwide, remotely controlling 3,000 water facilities, simultaneously. Thousands of sensors, controllers and sophisticated technologies, transmit, receive, process and display millions of data in order to obtain comprehensive display of the state of the water market at any given moment and in real time, 24 hours a day 7 days a week. The display reflects the state of water quality, safety and water supply, both at the individual facility level and in all the facilities. In addition, the technologies “intervene” when necessary in the ongoing operation through a secure online connection from the control center via landlines, wireless, satellite and cellular communication. However, that is not all. “Mekorot” also incorporates in its activity advanced models and decision support systems for optimizing, streamlining energy consumption, reducing water depreciation and aiding in decision making.

The command and control systems operated by “Mekorot” are based on a combination of advanced technologies, communication channels, hardware and software. They include:

• A main command and control system (SCADA)
• Local control systems (PLC & RTU)
• Operations support systems, models and tools for analyzing processes
• A remote meter reading system (AMR)


The main command and control system (SCADA)
The hydro-SCADA system used by “Mekorot” has been developed especially according to a characterizing of the Group’s operational needs. The system receives data in the millions from water facilities and control centers. The data from the field is processed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It is displayed on operation and control monitors, and saved in the system’s database for historical needs, reports and operational models. In addition to reflecting the status of water quality, safety and water supply in the facilities, the operation and control screens provide alerts on irregularities. The advance warning allows handling these situations immediately and “intervene” when necessary in the ongoing operation.

* SCADA- Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition


Local control systems (PLC & RTU)
The measuring instruments scattered at a given facility transfer the measurement values to local controllers that function as local control systems. The controls enable the automatic operation of the water facility without the intervention of the control center. When necessary, the system allows the control center to “intervene” in the facility’s ongoing operation through the SCADA system and through a secure online login. All of the process instructions defined by the process engineers are written and embedded in the logic controllers (PLC & RTU), for the complete operation of the facility. The database defined in the controllers’ software, i.e. on the level of control of the facility, is used to define the SCADA system and to construct the control monitors on the overall operations level; according to various parameters, including system operation description, serial communication form, remote command form, electrical schematics and hydraulic schemes.

* PLC = electric controller, RTU = communications controller


Operations support systems, models and tools for analyzing processes
Another layer integrated in “Mekorot’s” command and control system includes operational support systems, models and tools for analyzing processes. These systems allow efficiency and energy savings through optimal operation. The computer models, developed by “Mekorot”, are an implementation platform for simulation, optimization, forecasting and decision making for the purpose of optimal operation. Other applications incorporated by “Mekorot” support processes from other angles, such as “bird’s-eye view” or going down and focusing on the individual data level. The process data and operational reports are presented in a dynamic and flexible manner, which contributes to fast work and good analytical capabilities.


A remote meter reading system (AMR)
This is a system used to deliver information, calls and alerts from the water meters to a unique information system (“Atos Mekorot”). The data reading is performed automatically and wirelessly from thousands of water meters for their processing in a data server located at the Group’s headquarters. The system helps cost-effective and efficient management of the water resources and helps reduce water depreciation. The system is accessible to all users, including “Mekorot” field personnel. It enables to receive real-time reports on events such as water theft, sabotage, failures and malfunctions. It also allows the system to monitor the customers in an ongoing manner and provide them with available, detailed and up to date information on their water consumption. The ability to automatically collect water meter readings using an advanced system has an additional meaning: savings in operating costs and manpower.

* AMR- Automatic Metering Reading