The New National Water Carrier

"The New National Water Carrier"

“The New National Carrier” will allow water consumption in Israel to be based on desalinized water in the coming years, alongside changes in the direction of water supply in the country. The “New National Carrier” will receive the desalinized water from the sea water desalinization plants located along the Mediterranean: Hadera, Palmachim and Ashkelon, which are already active, and those currently being constructed – Shorek and the new facility at Ashdod, built by Mekorot via subsidiary Mekorot Development and  Enterprise.
These two facilities are expected to go online in 2014. The desalinize water will enter the new national water system, which will deliver it in all directions simultaneously.  Supplying water throughout the country via the New National carrier will be managed in a manner similar to that of the national electric power grid: providing a solution based on water demand on the one hand, and output ability of sea water desalination facilities on the other.
This is the largest and most extensive water infrastructure project carried out in Israel over the past fifty years. Its total cost is estimated at 5 billion NIS.

Upon the completion of the New National Carrier and the connection of the sea water desalination plants located along the coast to the national water system, 75% of home consumption will be based on desalinized sea water, and for the first time in Israel's history, work can start on restoring the country’s natural water reserves.