The Golan Heights Agricultural Master Plan

Master plan for agriculture in the Golan Heights

“Mekorot”, in collaboration with the Water Authority is currently promoting a master plan for the supply of water for agriculture in the northern Golan Heights. The plan will enable increasing water allocations to the Druze farmers and building new reservoirs and pools in the Heights. To create additional water resources, “Mekorot” is planning to establish a water reservoir in the Elrom region, which will be filled mainly from the “Mansura” water drilling field, which the Company is executing as part of the “drought drillings”.

 The plan includes the construction of two pools in the high regions. The pools will enable to increase the water pressure and irrigation options from new water sources developed in the region, thereby further improving the reliability of the water supply to farmers in the region. Over the years the Druze’s planting areas expanded. The cultivated agricultural fields today are spread over 20,000 dunams. The vast majority of the agricultural water supply at the Golan Heights is based on the “Ram Pool” (Berekhat Ram) reservoir.


The amount of water in the region is limited and there is a large difference between the low water allocations and the amount of water required for crops. The new water sources that have been developed and that are being developed will enable turning the “Ram Pool” reservoir into the main and significant water source for agriculture in the Golan Heights.