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"The Eastern Drainage" Project

"The Eastern Drainage" Project

The “Eastern Drainage Project” is designed to improve the water balance in Israel. As part of the project, “Mekorot” is restoring the coastal aquifer, Israel’s natural central water basin.

The aquifer provides about 200 million cubic meters of water per annum on average, which are approximately 15% of the water pumped from underground reservoirs in Israel. Over the years the aquifer underwent salinization processes impairing the water quality.

 The drillings executed in its eastern part, are a hydrological buffer that prevents the continued penetration of brackish water. Pumping the brackish water and bringing back into the aquifer water with a lower level of salinity, contributes to curbing the salinization on the one hand and gradual bringing down the level of salinity on the other. The project includes the stabilization of the groundwater level, stopping the desalination processes and preserving the aquifer’s operational reservoir. In this framework, more than 40 new drillings were executed. The boreholes’ brackish water, pumped east of the coastal aquifer, is transferred in collection pipelines to the special desalination facilities established by “Mekorot” – the “Granot” desalination facility and the “Lahat” desalination facility.

The desalinated water from the facility is designated for drinking water and for agriculture, according to the Ministry of Health’s approvals, and will be incorporated in the “New National Carrier” system.