The Seawater Desalination Plant in Ashdod

The  Seawater Desalination Plant in Ashdod

The Mekorot Group, through its subsidiary - Mekorot Development and Enterprise, has planned, is building and will operate the new  Seawater Desalination Plant in Ashdod (BOT for 25 years).  The desalination plant will supply over 100 cubic meters of desalinated water per year to the national water system, through the National Water Carrier.  The National Water Carrier receives the desalinated water from the plants located along the Mediterranean coast and supplies it in all directions, west to east, to the center, and to northern and southern Israel.
 The plant will be based on the desalination technology –reverse osmosis method - in which water flows at high pressure through membranes, separates the salts and the water.  Consequently, there are two resulting byproducts:  half is comprised of desalinated water and the other half is brine that is returned to the sea.  The plant will feature state-of-the-art command and control systems which will be operated from the central control room, a subterranean pipeline and a power station for the generation of energy to independently operate the plant.
The investment for building the plant is estimated at $0.5 billion.