In order to provide a solution for the urban development in the Haifa and its surrounding regio, the Mekorot Group is executing the Eshkol-Somech Project - the second water system for the supply of water to the region.  Due to the growth in population, agricultural and industrial development in the area, the existing water line is not expected to meet the growing water supply demands.

This is one of the most complex water infrastructure projects under construction in Israel.  The project includes, the construction of one of Israel’s largest drinking water reservoirs, with a volume of 215 thousand cubic meters. The reservoir will increase the reliability of both the routine and emergency supply of water to the region.  The cost of the system’s construction is NIS 250 million.

Mekorot established the first pipeline  to the region in the 1950s.  This is a concrete water pipeline, 48” in diameter, designed to transfer water from the springs of the Western Galilee to Haifa, the Krayot and the valleys, in order to facilitate settlement and agriculture in the Jezreel Valley.

Over the years, the pipeline’s purpose changed and from the beginning of the 1960s, it began to supply water from the National Water Carrier to Haifa and the Western Galilee.

As predicted, the pipeline no longer supplies sufficient water to meet the demand; and currently, Mekorot is building a second system for the supply of water to Haifa, which will replace the old pipeline.  The new 60” diameter pipeline, is made of steel and will be built to the strictest standards and will face very complicated engineering and landscape challenges.  The pipeline’s route mostly passes through very sensitive landscape areas:  along the Tzipori River, in close proximity to active springs and archeological sites.

Mekorot ascribes great importance to the preservation of nature and landscape and invests considerable efforts and resources in its planning and execution stages, in order to avoid harming the environment. These steps include the construction of a 450 meter tunnel, landscape restoration, etc.

This main water system will carry larger quantities of water to the region and will promote options for regional development and expansion of the settlements, enable the flow of surplus water from the desalination facility that will be built in the Western Galilee in the direction of the National Water Carrier and will supply the city of Haifa with desalinated water from Southern Israel.

In addition, as part of this project, Mekorot is considering the possibility of utilizing the surplus pressure from the transfer of the water from the National Water Carrier in order to generate green energy, using a turbine that will be installed, in order to generate 4 million kilowatts of electricity per year.