"The Geulat Ha’Yarkon" Enterprise

The Geulat Ha’Yarkon Enterprise

As part of its commitment to protect the environment and for sustainable development, “Mekorot” contributes to “Geulat Ha’Yarkon”. This is an initiative of the Yarkon River Authority that has received a governmental resolution, and whose aim is to create a general framework for the rehabilitation of the Yarkon River and its turning into a stream where water quality flows in quantity throughout the year. This project would handle 13 million cubic meters of wastewater and their recycling for urban gardening and agriculture. It shall serve as an informed model for the utilization of every drop of water, using every drop three times: once at home, the second time at the Yarkon and the third time in urban gardening and agriculture.

To that end “Mekorot” is laying along 40 km, 36 inch pipelines. In addition, the Company is establishing reservoirs and pumping stations with an overall capacity of 11,500 cubic meters per annum. “Mekorot” is conducting a pilot at the “Seven Mills” site (on the banks of the Yarkon River) in order to select the optimal treatment method for the river’s waters. The results will provide the data for the construction of the facility, which will be constructed in the future at the “Bereshit (Genesis) Forest” (near Ganey Yehoshua in Tel Aviv).

The project began in 2010 and its conclusion is expected in 2014. Its cost: approximately 90 million dollars.