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The National Water Carrier Outline

Supplying water via the National Water System


The national water system is essentially a complex and extensive superhighway of water supply plants and infrastructures. The heart of the system is the National Carrier. Mekorot inaugurated the National Carrier in the 60s to convey water from the north of the country to the center and to the arid south. Nowadays, the National Carrier conveys more than half of Israel’s drinking water over 130 km, from the Sea of Galilee in the north to Kibbutz Magen in the northern Negev. Following its establishment, the National Carrier was connected to the two "Yarkon - Negev" pipelines, near the Yarkon springs in Rosh HaAyin. This point constitutes the main water intersection of Israel. From here the water pipeline splits into two directions: the one to the Gush Dan region, and the other to the south. Along the supply route, the system combines water from various sources: the Sea of Galilee, the mountain aquifer and the coastal aquifer, wells, desalinated brackish water and desalinated seawater. The national water system forms a network in Israel and facilitates the delivery of running water at all times, during all seasons, that is available, reliable and of the finest quality.