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Dear Visitor,

Mekorot thanks you for visiting its new Internet site (the “Site”) which is an important component in our strengthening the connection between all of us. We hope that the Site quickly becomes a meeting place where it will be possible to supply up-to-date information and services on an ongoing basis.

The Mekorot Site upgrade was undertaken with the goal of providing all of the company’s customers and the general public with substantial information on the Internet about the company, the water economy in Israel as a whole, and the company’s areas of operation, including: water supply, developing water sources, water quality, new water treatment technologies, water security, business services and more.

The Site features a variety of information and of methods for locating the desired information:

1. By subject – Information on the Site is organized in main menus by subject, according to the primary areas of operation: About the company, water supply, water quality, emergencies and security, Watec – Entrepreneurship & Partnership Center for Water Technologies, and business services.
2. Assorted links: It is possible to move from a subject to related subjects using additional links appearing for that subject.

Thank you for visiting our website!

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