Water is an essential condition for the existence of life.  Since the beginning of time, man has settled near water sources.  Flora and fauna, population centers, agriculture, culture and trade have developed in close proximity to oceans and lakes.  The State of Israel is located at the edge of the desert.  Its natural water sources are few, and are concentrated primarily in the north.  The distribution of rain is not uniform and the amount of precipitation in southern Israel is considerably less.  Moreover, consecutive years of draught have negatively affected the situation of the natural water reservoirs.
All of the above, along with an increase in population and the geopolitical threats at Israel’s doorstep, have motivated Mekorot to develop the water industry as a national priority and to create innovative solutions that will offer a comprehensive answer to the water shortage and to the country’s future needs.
Mekorot, Israel’s national water company, was established in 1937, in order to supply water to every point and settlement in Israel.  Currently, Mekorot supplies about 80% of Israel’s drinking water and 70% of all the country’s water consumption, 24/7, anytime, and in any season.  This is executed using a national water supply system and regional water facilities with a wide geographic distribution.  The company supplies water to a variety of users:  the municipal sector, industry, agriculture and to Israel’s neighbors - Jordan and the Palestinian Authority, as part of the peace agreements.
Since its establishment, Mekorot has gained experience, know-how and professional expertise and is considered to be one of the world’s unique companies, with specialization in a wide variety of activities in the water industry - all under one roof.  These activities include the nationwide integrative management of the various water sources, producing water from many sources, desalination, treatment and reclamation of wastewater for agriculture, rain enhancement, flow catchment, ensuring the high quality of the water, executing complex engineering projects, water technology development, and assurance of water supply systems.
As an innovative company at the forefront of technology, Mekorot integrates advanced technologies in its activity, plans and executes many projects that provide solutions to the water crisis and for future needs.  The know-how, experience, professional expertise and innovation enable Mekorot to successfully tackle future challenges, with a broad comprehensive outlook and long term planning.
Thanks to all of the aforementioned, the Mekorot Group has been ranked among the world’s 10 leading water companies.  The group utilizes these advantages in global joint ventures through its international business arm - Mekorot Development and Enterprise - which executes projects in Cyprus, Argentina, and Azerbaijan and promotes additional projects in India, Africa, South America and Europe.