The Mekorot Development and Enterprise’s International Projects

“Mekorot Development and Enterprise” international activity

 For more than 75 years “Mekorot” copes with a host of unique challenges, which are a necessity in the reality of the Israeli water market. In recent years, as a growing number of countries around the world are faced with similar water challenges, the Group’s operational experience, extensive knowledge and advanced solutions became a valuable commodity in the world.

This trend brought the “Mekorot” Group to leverage its high capabilities and to be groundbreaking. Through its subsidiary, “Mekorot Development and Enterprise”, “Mekorot’s” international business branch, the Group expanded its activity in the global water market and provides comprehensive solutions in various areas pertaining to water. At the same time the “Mekorot” Group promotes the coping with the shared water challenges through professional workshops, seminars and training to international entities.

As part of its solutions, “Mekorot Development and Enterprise” leverages projects in different countries, from the initiation and planning phase through the construction phase to the actual operation. The solutions relate to different aspects of water, including desalination, water supply, water treatment, water quality assurance, wastewater recycling, water safety and Cleantech. The Company also provides a range of operational solutions for managing water resources and hydrology of water wells. “Mekorot Development and Enterprise’s” international activities are carried out in the framework of strategic collaborations with governments, public water companies, municipal authorities and with local private parties.


Examples for “Mekorot Development and Enterprise’s” international activities

In 2007 “Mekorot Development and Enterprise” began operating in Argentina as part of collaboration with the Argentinian water company “September 5”. The collaboration included, amongst other things, a project in La-Plata for the design, financing, construction and operation of a facility for the treatment of approximately 240,000 cubic meters of water per day. The construction budget is more than 100 million dollars. In addition, “Mekorot Development and Enterprise” designed in the Buenos Aires Province, Argentina’s capital, a facility for the treatment of approximately 60,000 cubic meters of wastewater a day. The treated wastewater will be brought to a high level and will be used by the industry in the province.

In 2009 “Mekorot Development and Enterprise” and its partner, Logicom from Cyprus, won an international BOT (Build Operate Transfer) tender for the design, financing, construction and operation of a seawater desalination facility in Limassol, Cyprus. Within the project, the companies will operate the facility for 25 years, which will provide more than 40,000 cubic meters of desalinated water per day to the Cypriot Water Authority. The project’s monetary scope is estimated at over of 500 million dollars. “Mekorot Development and Enterprise” won another tender to upgrade and operate a desalination facility in Larnaca. The facility will desalinate 60,000 cubic meters of seawater a day and will supply them to the Cypriot Water Authority for 27 years. The Project’s financial scope is estimated at approximately 400 million dollars. Through these two desalination facilities “Mekorot” will supply about 40% of the water consumption in Cyprus and will solve the problem of the growing water shortage. “Mekorot” also accompanies the setting up of the desalination facilities in the neighboring island through joint seminars with the participation of Cyprus government officials and leading figures in the local water market.

Africa and Asia
The “Mekorot” Group even reaches Uganda, to upgrade the water infrastructure in this region in East Africa and help the government develop the desert, just as it did in the desert regions in Israel – the Negev and the Arava. In this framework, “Mekorot Development and Enterprise” is going to cooperate with government water companies such as Angola’s, and help promote solutions in the field of the regional water supply, water collection and treatment of water and wastewater.
In another region, in South Asia, “Mekorot Development and Enterprise” promotes projects in the Republic of India, divided on a government level to 28 countries. The Company also collaborates with local agencies in several countries throughout India for the promotion of the treatment and the betterment of water, wastewater treatment and the regional water supply.

“Mekorot Development and Enterprise” is preparing for cooperation with the Azerbaijan government agency for the promotion of solutions in three areas pertaining to water: preparing a master plan for future development of the water sector, the establishment of a command and control center and sending mobile laboratories and sampling vehicles, including teams for training and mentoring.

“Mekorot Development and Enterprise” is promoting in Romania activity within a tender for the rehabilitation, expansion and construction of various water systems in the field of wastewater treatment, conduction systems, pumping stations and more.

Srpska (part of the former Yugoslavia)
“Mekorot Development and Enterprise” is expected to operate in this region for the implementation of a comprehensive plan in the field of agricultural irrigation. This plan includes, amongst other things, the construction of a wastewater treatment facility for main collection pipelines and the separation of the sewage pipelines from the drainage pipelines in the region.

Water is a strategic asset for the State of Israel, constantly facing security threats. The “Mekorot” Group has developed the most advanced security system in the world, preventing – both on a physical level and in terms of water quality – any attempt to harm the water asset and disrupt the daily routine in the country. The system, considered unique in the field of water security, includes all of the required solutions for an organization in the field, in Israel and overseas: monitoring tools, the identification and treatment of chemical, biological and radiological water contamination; technological protective measures; innovative prevention methods; and organizational methodologies and procedures. Some of “Mekorot’s” overall solutions in water security were implemented recently in a project executed by the Group for the EPAL Company in Portugal.