International Activity

International Activity

The Mekorot Group’s knowledge and experience accumulated over many years and its high level of professionalism enable the Group to successfully cope with the challenges of tomorrow, with a broad comprehensive outlook and long term planning.  The Group  utilizes its advantages for international joint ventures.

Mekorot has gained a unique reputation worldwide, thanks to the wide variety of activities, all under one roof.  In order to meet its targets, the Group is constantly developing new advanced technologies in the field of water.  The creativity and innovation that have characterized its activity throughout its 77 years of existence have made Mekorot a sought after commodity worldwide, which provides a comprehensive solution for global water problems.  Thanks to its superior capabilities, it is ranked among the top ten leading water companies on the international scene.
Mekorot Development and Enterprise is the Mekorot Group’s business  branch.  The company offers water and wastewater solutions to its partners and customers in countries dealing with a shortage of water suitable for drinking and irrigation.  The company initiates and promotes D.B.O.T. (Design, Build, Operate, Transfer), turnkey and O & M projects.
Mekorot Development and Enterprise operates as part of a system of strategic cooperation with governments, public water corporations and municipal authorities, and with private parties.  As part of these joint ventures, the company supports its partners’ professional system, promotes feasibility studies and master plans, designs plants and water infrastructure, and develops joint projects that include planning, construction and operation of plants and systems, based on the needs of its partners.  Additionally, Mekorot Development and Enterprise promotes programs for professional study, seminars and training for professional organizational support of its partners worldwide.


In 2007, Mekorot Development and Enterprise began operations in Argentina as part of a joint venture with the Argentinean Water Corporation - the 5th of September.  The strategic cooperation between the companies includes consultation, planning and training, as well the joint promotion of projects in the city of La Plata.  These projects include the planning, funding, construction and operation of a plant for the treatment of 240,000 cubic meters of water per day and additional projects for the treatment of wastewater and water conduction.


In 2009, Mekorot Development and Enterprise and its partners Logicom Ltd and Dimitra of Cyprus, won an international B.O.T. tender for the planning, funding, construction and operation of a seawater desalination plant in Limassol, Cyprus.  The project’s construction was completed in 2013, and the plant is ready to supply over 40,000 cubic meters of desalinated water per day for the Cyprus Water Authority.
In addition, the company won an international tender to upgrade and operate a desalination plant in Larnaca.  The plant will desalinate 20,000 cubic meters of seawater per day.  Through these two desalination plants, Mekorot will supply about 40% of Cyprus’ drinking water consumption and will solve its growing water shortage.


The Mekorot Group promotes business activity in the field of water supply to urban and agricultural sectors and treatment of the water resource.


The Mekorot Group promotes business activity in the field of wastewater treatment, desalination, water supply systems and management of the water resource.


The Mekorot Group, through its subsidiary - Mekorot Development and Enterprise, signed an agreement of understanding with the water agency in Azerbaijan to upgrade the water industry in Azerbaijan, to revaluate the system and to develop the water industry in the Republic.  The Group is preparing a master plan that includes field surveys, observation drilling, hydrological surveys and the creation of models.  The Group’s subsidiary - EMS Mekorot - has begun construction of a system of laboratories to monitor water quality and will train local personnel to operate it.  Subsequently, Mekorot will create a command and control center in the Republic for optimal management to help resolve the local water crisis.


The Mekorot Group promotes business activity in the field of wastewater treatment, desalination and the operation of water supply systems.