Service Policy

Public Inquiries

“Mekorot” leads a policy that sets the needs of its customers at the center! The Group translates these needs into advanced water solutions, as well as to providing service and support to its customers any time. Every year “Mekorot” supplies about 1.5 billion cubic meters of water, to more than 7 million end users, through 4800 clients. “Mekorot’s” central goal is reliable, available water supply of the best quality all over the country. Therefore, the Group aims to continually improve the service to its clients and invests efforts and resources, in order to ensure service at any time based on three core values: professionalism, quality and efficiency.

Public inquiries to “Mekorot” enable an empowering dialogue. The inquiries, on all subjects, come directly to the Customer Service Unit at “Mekorot”, according to the contact information published on the Internet and in other venues. The unit refers complaints to the relevant entity in the Group, for assessment and review. Thus, the response to inquiries is done with the help and backing of the professional entity responsible for the topic of inquiry at “Mekorot” (water quality, water supply, security, WaTech, etc.).

Most of the inquiries to “Mekorot” come from the general public. Some requests are received from customers who did not arrange their affairs with the geographical sector in the Company to which they belong. The inquiries directed to “Mekorot” refer to various areas of water and are addressed accordingly. Amongst the inquiries:

• Water quality – a variety of topics pertaining to water quality, such as water hardness affecting home electrical appliances (such as dishwashers and washing machines), PH levels and fluoride levels in the water, etc.

• Water supply – mainly inquiries on the sources of the supplied water, future planning and more. The applicant usually receives an answer within a short time through the knowledge accumulated in the unit, and at times the inquiry is referred to the professional entity in the district/ headquarters for a reply.
• Payments of a water bill – people making inquiries on this issue are directed to the municipality/ council/ water corporation.

• Water Rates/ suggestions/ water conservation – water prices (due to lack of clarity in water prices and the factor affecting the rate) and water conservation. Suggestions and complaints on water waste are directed to the Water Authority.

• Notice on water supply failures – the inquiry is transferred directly to the districts and/or the control rooms.

• Water connection – mainly requests for information on whom to turn to. In these cases, the Customer Service Unit contacts the relevant entity in the district and connects it to the applicant.

• Complaints pertaining to damage – primarily directed to the districts that carried out the work, with a copy to the internal auditor.

• General information – deal with anything pertaining to the water supply – from information on precipitation, water absorption, water pumping, water composition, terms in the water market, water conservation, etc. The applicant receives a response based on information found in the unit or is directed to the information on the “Mekorot” website. If necessary, the applicant is transferred directly to the Water Authority’s Public Inquiries or to another entity that can give him answers to his questions.

• Request for information for the purpose of a paper – the public views “Mekorot” as the professional address for information on any subject pertaining to the water sector in the country. Accordingly, the unit received requests for information on various issues related to water. In addition, many inquiries are received from pupils and students interested in material/ meetings/ information for the purpose of preparing a paper as part of their studies.


“Mekorot” practices in handling public inquiries express – in addition to the values of professionalism, service and efficiency – the value of transparency. This is a value “Mekorot” believes in and implements in practice as a central part accompanying its extensive activities.


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