Promoting Education

Promoting Education

The national challenges facing the water sector require the “Mekorot” Group to always think ahead, including in the field of education. Over the years, and with awareness to the importance and crucial role of education in achieving value goals, “Mekorot” carries out many activities in this area with various entities, whether academic or community .

The actions promoted by “Mekorot” in Israel to promote education in the water area and the integration of the younger generation in meeting the water challenges of in Israel, include among other things:

• Holding “Spotlight Days”, whereby the “Mekorot” experts lecture to students from various academic frameworks in Israel on the Group’s activities.

• Providing scholarships to outstanding engineering students at the Technion and the Ariel University Center.

• Promoting research on water in collaboration with universities and leading research organizations.

• Cooperation with “Atidim for Infrastructure”, including receiving engineers from the periphery and awarding scholarships to students, while incorporating them in “Mekorot” in the course of their studies (as part of their practical experiences).

• Promoting the establishment of the “Mekorot” Campus that will be Israel’s water campus of for training in the field of water.
It will essentially express the “Mekorot” strategic outlook, which views knowledge as an essential resource for leveraging the Group’s values and operations. “Mekorot’s” knowledge and professional experience in the water field will be translated into study programs and practical training for practitioners in the field. Furthermore, “Mekorot” intends to develop programs that will enable water corporations to learn from its accumulated experience and knowledge and receive practical applications for the treatment and operation of urban water systems.

• Revealing the “Mekorot” various activities in the water area using the
Eshkol Site” Visitors Center and historical sites it operates nationwide. The
Eshkol Site” Visitors Center and the historical sites serve a diverse population, free of charge, including students and youth from various frameworks. In the tours conducted the students and youth are exposed to many aspects related to water and to its being the most vital resource for life to exist.