Frequently Asked Questions

Do I receive water from Mekorot?  
Mekorot supplies water to those cities and towns that are connected to its water grid. Several cities and towns obtain water from their own sources in addition to the water they obtain from Mekorot. In this case, residents receive a blend of water from various sources, part of which is supplied from Mekorot and part of which is not.   
How is my water tested and who does the testing? 
Mekorot conducts chemical and bacterial tests at all its water sources and at the entrances to communities. In addition, local authorities conduct water tests in their areas of jurisdiction, under the supervision of the Ministry of Health. Chemical components in water sources are tested every few months or every few years depending on the nature of the components. Water entering a community and within municipal networks is tested in accordance with the size of the population. In every location, a test is conducted at least once a month and in large municipalities may even be performed every day.
How is my drinking water treated? 
In Israel, all drinking water undergoes basic treatment for disinfection. This treatment is intended to destroy all bacteria and other microorganisms that cause illnesses. Surface water is also filtered, usually through sand.
Groundwater is usually clean when it is pumped out of the ground because rainwater filters through the earth’s layers and because of the physical distance from the sources of contamination in the ground. It can therefore undergo a purification process without any preliminary treatment. On rare occasions, preliminary treatment is required to deal with special problems.
Who can I complain to if my drinking water is not fit for drinking? 
Call the local authority and discuss your problem with them. Most likely the local authority will send a representative to your home in order to assist you or explain what caused the problem and what it intends to do about it.
Can the quality of the water be determined based on its appearance, taste or scent? 
The clearness of the tap water attests to its good quality. A mild scent of chlorine may be a result of water disinfection. However, laboratory tests are conducted to check for the presence of bacteria and chemical substances that cannot be sensed when in low concentrations.
What kind of water does Mekorot supply to communities? 
Mekorot supplies four different types of water:
• water from the Sea of Galilee, via the National Water Carrier
• groundwater that is pumped from wells drilled into the aquifer
• water from springs
• desalinated water
An extensive network of pipes connects the water sources and the communities enabling every community to be supplied water from several sources, in order to attain maximum reliability and flexibility.
Do I receive water from the National Water Carrier? 
Mekorot’s nationwide network supplies water from various sources
• water from the Sea of Galilee, via the National Water Carrier
• groundwater that is pumped from wells drilled into the aquifer
• water from springs
• desalinated water
The relative amounts of water from these sources in your tap water vary from place to place and from time to time. Even during the course of a single day there can be changes in the quality of water depending on the way the system functions.
Can I choose which type of water comes out of my tap? 
The Water Authority determines the quantities of water pumped from each source as a function of the source’s hydrological characteristics over the long term. It is not possible to select the type of water one receives. For the most part, the water reaching communities is a blend of several different types of water, depending on the operation of the system.
Is it desirable and permissible to drink tap water? 
Yes. Drinking water in Israel provided by the water supply system to residents is of a high quality. It should be recalled that in our country, drinking large quantities of water is essential for one’s health and that the cost of a cup of bottled water is equivalent to the cost of about one thousand cups of tap water.
What is filtered water? 
Filtered water is water that passes through a filtration proccess (usually a large container filled with clean sand intended for this purpose, or other filter media). Passage through the filter media causes the halting of suspended particles floating in the water and prevents them from passing through the filter. In the past, Sea of Galilee water provided by the National Water Carrier underwent purification through flocculation (a process in which suspended solids in water aggregate through biological or chemical action so they can be separated from the water) and sedimentation. Today, the same water is also filtered and the water yielded is of a better quality than the water previously provided via the National Water Carrier. Even before the filtering plant commenced operation, the water met the Ministry of Health’s standards and was fit for drinking.