Coordinating Infrastructure

Infrastructure Coordination

Application for Infrastructure Coordination with Mekorot Procedure

In order for Mekorot to prevent malfunctions and damage to underground water lines when working in open spaces, infrastructure coordination with the Company is of the utmost importance. Infrastructure coordination allows Mekorot to provide a comprehensive response to the needs of contractors and infrastructure companies that are in contact with it for the performance of various jobs.

Mekorot invites you to coordinate infrastructure by contacting the following contact people, depending on the district they belong to:



·                The North District (from the Hadera line northwards): Gila – tel. 04-8350469 
·                The Center District (between Hadera in the north and Kiryat Gat in the south): Leah Strodovsky – 08-9271540 
·                The South District (from the Kiryat Gat line southwards): Shosh Sheinman – 08-6789716 
·                The Jordan District (the National Carrier and its offshoots): Eli Kantor – 04-6500527



Thank you in advance for your cooperation!