General Information

General Information

Mekorot is a wholly owned government company, under the purview of the Ministry of Energy and Water and the Ministry of Finance. Mekorot was defined in the Water Law as the National Water Company and it is accountable to the Water Authority – the regulator that supervises Mekorot’s activities on behalf of the State.

Mekorot was founded in 1937, before the establishment of the State. Since then, Mekorot have made a profound national contribution to realizing the Zionist vision and transforming it into a sustainable reality. The infrastructure and huge water plants, founded by the company, have essentially facilitated life in Israel and provided solutions, at all times, to all sectors – households, fields, farmers and industrial plants.


Mekorot has always considered the development of the State, the blooming of the desert and painting Israel green to be a national imperative. In the spirit of the vision, the company has succeeded in developing knowledge and unique capabilities based on careful and accurate planning processes. Mekorot has formulated solutions over the years, which it has implemented in infrastructure, with “every drop of” Zionistic entrepreneurship and real substance.

Concurrently with infrastructure and water projects, which are the basis for the existence of a stable and prosperous country, Mekorot carries out ongoing operations for a regular, reliable, and quality water supply. This is in the belief that there cannot be a situation where water is not supplied to all parts of the country, according to the needs.


Mekorot’s activities constitute a unique mosaic of activities under one roof, which are unparalleled worldwide. This mosaic includes the following core areas:


  • Water supply
  • Water resource management
  • Water quality
  • Water security
  • Desalination
  • Hydrology and drilling
  • Effluent reclamation
  • Wastewater treatment
  • Rain enhancement
  • Storm water catchment
  • R&D and developing water technologies
  • Sustainable development

Since 2007, Mekorot consists of a group of companies. At the head of the group is the parent company Mekorot Water which deals with the management, production and supply of water, effluent reclamation, brackish water desalination, etc.


Two subsidiaries operate as part of Mekorot Water:


* Mekorot Development and Enterprise – which initiates and promotes water projects in Israel and abroad. The company, which is active in dozens of countries, provides a long list of consulting and design services. These include: feasibility studies, project management, construction, operation and maintenance of facilities, implementation of technologies for streamlining operations, managing and operating wastewater treatment plants, operating water treatment plants, municipal water systems, water security, etc.


* EMS Mekorot Projects – one of the leading Israeli companies in Israel for carrying out  water infrastructure in the fields of: design, setting up and implementation of a range of electro-mechanical systems for the treatment of water and wastewater, infrastructure and civil engineering works in water pumping stations, wastewater treatment  and effluent  reclamation plants, laying water and wastewater pipelines of  diameters up to 108", drilling up to depth of 1500 meters, rehabilitation of drilling shaft for improving the flow,  construction and rehabilitation of pools and water reservoirs, designing and building water treatment plants and filtration plants, designing and building mobile and static desalination plants, planning, producing and installing low voltage electric boards, planning, producing and installing water pumps for flow of 8000 m3/hour rain enhancement.


The Mekorot Group currently supplies approx. 1.5 billion cubic meters of water per annum to about 4,800 customers and to about 7 million end users by means of 3,000 installations and over 12,000 kilometers of pipelines. By virtue of diplomatic accords signed by the Government of Israel, Mekorot also supplies water to the Palestinian Authority and Jordan. Mekorot’s organizational structure includes corporate headquarters, three operational districts – the north, the center and the south, the Jordan District, the National Carrier, and, as mentioned, two subsidiaries – EMS Mekorot and Mekorot Development and Enterprise.


Mekorot is at the forefront of water technology and is one of the ten leading water companies in the world. Based on the experience, know-how and skills acquired over more than seven decades, the company also operates a unique center for technological entrepreneurship – WaTech. The Center is an incubator for developing the water technologies of tomorrow and as such Mekorot enters into joint ventures with the academia, industry and local and international companies. 


Alongside its operational strength and technological leadership, Mekorot has maintained its economic soundness throughout the years. For more than 10 consecutive years, the Group has received the highest ranking in financial strength of ilAAA by the international ranking firm Standard & Poor's Maalot. This achievement reflects the great confidence that the institutional market in Israel has in Mekorot, as well as Mekorot’s professionalism, which benefits all the residents of Israel. This economic strength allows Mekorot to meet its objectives at all times and to continue developing the water industry.