Main Facts & Figures

Annual Water Supply

•  Mekorot provides approx. 80% of Israel's drinking water and 70% of the total annual water consumption in Israel
• The annual amount of water supplied by Mekorot is approx. 1,500 billion cubic meters of water
• Mekorot supplies water to Jordan and the Palestinian Authority pursuant to diplomatic accords signed by the Government of Israel
•  Mekorot treats about 35% of the wastewater in Israel
•  Roughly 60% of the reclaimed effluents in Israel are utilized by Mekorot
• Mekorot operates 34 brackish water and seawater desalination plants, providing quality drinking water amounting to approx. 40 million cubic meters per annum
•  Mekorot increases the annual rainfall in the north on average by 10% -15% 
• Mekorot utilizes about 25 million cubic meters of storm water per annum, thereby improving the water balance in the industry
• Mekorot is building a seawater desalination plant in Ashdod that will add about 100 million cubic meters each year to the national water system
•  Mekorot’s operating loss is very low – less than 3% of water transported per annum



Approximately 4,800 local authorities, water corporations, farmers, kibbutzim, moshavim and industrial plants


End users

Over 7 million


Water quality

Mekorot has established and operates the Central Filtration Plant - among the largest and most complex of its kind in the world. The plant filters the water of the National Carrier and provides a quality that exceeds the strictest standards. The filtration capability of Central Filtration Plant: approx. 500 million cubic meters of water per annum


A number of water quality laboratories that are operated nationwide by Mekorot: The Central Laboratory at the Eshkol Site and 5 regional laboratories


The number of tests of water quality parameters that are conducted per annum: approx. 271, 000;
The number of water samplings per annum: approx. 71,000


Technological initiatives

Mekorot operates a unique center for technological entrepreneurship in the field of water – WaTech. Over the years, more than 750 proposals for joint ventures and projects in the field of water technology have been examined at the center, and agreements have been entered into with about 28 partners. 


Social and environmental responsibility

In the CSR company Maala’s ranking for 2012, in the field of social-environmental responsibility, Mekorot was awarded Platinum ranking, which is the highest possible ranking.


Technical data:

The number of production plants for water supply and water quality: 3,000
The number of pumping stations: 691;
The number of pumping units in the stations: 2,565

The number of  drillings: 1,200

The number of pools: 714 pools, each with a volume of 500 cubic meters or more

The number of reservoirs: 104

The length of water pipelines: 12,000 km

The number of operation and control centers: 9

The number of desalination plants: 34

The number of filtration plants: 8

The number of wastewater treatment and effluent reclamation plants: 13

The number of facilities for enhancing, disinfecting and treating water: 800


Financial Data

Over the years, Mekorot has maintained an impressive financial soundness: The group has been ranked with the highest credit rating of ilAAA for more than 10 consecutive years. The ranking, which is performed by the credit rating agency Standard & Poor's Maalot Ltd, reflects Mekorot’s economic strength, the great confidence that the major financial institutions in the Israeli economy place in it, and its strength in the field of production, transportation and supply of water. Amongst other things, this data allows the group to finance huge investments in the development of infrastructure and plans for promoting the Israeli water Industry.