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"EMS Mekorot Projects"

"EMS Mekorot Projects"

 EMS Mekorot is a subsidiary of the Mekorot Group which specializes in the development, manufacture and implementation of smart water infrastructures. The company is the contracting/performance arm of Mekorot Water and is considered a leader in its field of activities in Israel. EMS Mekorot’s uniqueness lies in the range of integral solutions that it is able to perform, including all work required by Turn Key Projects – from the design stage  through to “handing over the key” – while applying innovative manufacturing processes and providing comprehensive professional services, including consulting, design, construction and operation. EMS Mekorot is currently performing several large and complex national projects, including the completion of the connection of the desalination plants, along the coastal strip of the Mediterranean Sea, to the New National Carrier (National Water System), the Fifth Water Line to Jerusalem, etc.


The company’s activities include:
* Civil engineering works and laying water and effluent pipelines
* Construction and rehabilitation of pools
* Drilling shallow and deep wells
* Construction of a floating cover for reservoirs
* Development and manufacturing of Israeli made pumps and pumping equipment
* Construction of pumping stations
* Design and construction of water treatment systems and water filtration systems for water effluents
* Design and construction of desalination plants based on the “reverse osmosis" (RO) method and electro-dialysis plants (E.D)
* Construction of wastewater and effluent treatment plants
* Production and installation of electrical boards and cathodic protection systems
* Building local and remote command and control systems
* Planning and execution systems for water monitoring and protection
* Installation and repair of diesel generators
* Operating testing laboratory for renovating and converting water meters
* The unique activity of cloud seeding to enhance rainfall


The staff of EMS Mekorot comprises engineers, technicians, and finance and marketing professional in Israel. The combination of the finest human capital along with the state of the art technology allows the company to successfully address the diverse needs of its customers, among these: industrial plants, local authorities, water corporations, water associations and, of course, the Mekorot Group.


EMS Mekorot operates advanced quality control systems. These systems ensure that the products and work provided by the company are of the highest standards and meet the most stringent quality requirements. The company is certified according to ISO 9001 IS 2000 and safety standard ISO 18001, it has been certified as a factory for manufacturing low voltage electrical boards as required by the Israeli Standard, and it is registered as a “registered contractor” with the Registrar of Contractors. Furthermore, the company has the highest classification in the field of turbine pumps and pumping stations, as well as in the field of electricity.