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Newsletter No.2 | June 2012 | WaTech® Division
"Top it Up" - Modular Cover for Effluent  Reservoirs

Mekorot operates many uncovered effluent reservoirs, from which large quantities of water evaporate. This causes increased salination, water quality degradation, and malfunctioning of the water supply and maintenance systems.

Mekorot constantly seeks to implement new, simple, and reliable solutions in the area of floating covers for water reservoirs. This is the basis for cooperation with "Top It Up", a young Israeli start-up that developed a floating modular cover, consisting of groups of floating balls each of a diameter of 15 cm. This product can cover up to 92% of the water surface, and controls the penetration of air and light to the reservoir water body. This new product offers several potential advantages: the balls reduce water heating due to the internal mechanism of evaporation and condensation. In addition, insertion and removal of the balls is easy and simple, and maintenance can be performed on the water surface without removing the balls or damaging the cover. The cover can also reduce emission of foul smells from sewage reservoirs.

Mekorot, through Watech, has signed an R&D cooperation agreement with "Top It" Up, aimed at testing the developed cover during a period of 12 months, in two test sites: the Eshkol site in northern Israel, and the Ze'elim site in southern Israel. At the Eshkol site the cover's contribution toward reducing water evaporation and improving water quality will be evaluated. At Ze'elim the cover's survivability in varying weather conditions (sun, wind), the balls' integrity, arrangement of the balls on the water surface, and their ability to keep birds away from the reservoir surface will be evaluated. We are confident that the experiment's success will open numerous implementation opportunities worldwide for Mekorot.

The new agreement will enable both parties to extend their R&D/Business cooperation and promote local and international commercialization of the technology.

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