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In May, Mekorot held its third annual research convention. In an event even more successful than usual, the company’s research from the previous year was presented to the public. The convention included a summary of the company’s 2011 research work, and the launch of a new call for research proposals for 2013.
"Top It Up"- the company that developed an innovative reservoir cover using smart balls, completed production of the balls for its first pilot test. The orbs have been placed in Ze’elim Reservoir in the company’s southern district. This is yet another solution that the company is testing to cover effluent reservoirs in order to reduce evaporation and prevent degradation of water quality. You can read more on the company’s activities in this field in this issue.
Energy inputs and their cost are a significant element in the operations of every water company, especially for companies as large in scope as Mekorot. Mekorot continuously invests in adopting advanced models and technologies to enhance the company’s energy consumption efficiency and reduce energy-related costs. In this issue of our newsletter, we discuss a new cooperation agreement with "Peak Dynamics", with whom we will be conducting a pilot test in a high-pressure area in central Israel in order to study the venture’s potential to reduce energy consumption.


Together, we will also construct an energy consumption model for multi-provider environments, a project with significant implications. More on this in the current issue. 
Reducing evaporation and reservoir salinity, controlling costs and energy consumption, biological agents to supplement chemical disinfestation used in Israel’s National Water Carrier, also discussed in this issue, are part of the company’s vision and comprehensive efforts at sustainability. In this issue, you can read more about Mekorot’s multi-annual strategic program in the field of sustainable development and the major activities that are taking place under this program.

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Rafi Ifergan
VP Engineering & Technology

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Top It Up’s Innovative Reservoir Covers

An intriguing experiment using an innovative modular cover designed for effluent reservoirs is underway in two experimental sites in Israel: the Eshkol Reservoir in the Jordan Valley area and the Ze’elim Reservoir in southern Israel. The goal is to prevent significant evaporation, control water quality, and prevent disruptions to water supply system operations and maintenance.

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Mekorot's Environmental Vision

Recycled building materials, improvement of energy maintenance models, integration into the hot-house gases registration project, minimization of environmental footprint, increased involvement in advancing green technologies, launching Green Tech standardization, and efforts to promote a green work-environment … are just part of a series of Social Responsibility activities in which Mekorot is involved.

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Realizing Energy Efficiency with Peak Dynamics

Cooperation between Mekorot and the Israeli start-up "Peak Dynamics" is aimed at developing a novel model for operating water supply systems, so as to enable economic exploitation of current and future energy purchasing agreements to which water providers are obligated.

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Ecological Extermination of Biological Nuisances

For quite a few years, the operators of Israel's National Water carrier have been employing control agents against biological nuisances, such as snails, clams, insects, water vegetation, and algae. The Central Water Quality Lab staff of Mekorot reviews the history of these efforts and offers some new data.

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