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 Newsletter No.1 | February 2012 | Watech® Division
 Mekorot completes the AMR project

NSLT February 2012.

Advanced technology enables information transfer of current information and alerts from water-meters to central data bases, on a cellular network. The ensuing cost saving, improved service, theft detection and quick response capability, benefit the whole community.

AMR Automatic Meter Reading of Mekorot is an information transfer project, for reading and transmitting hourly alerts from water meters to a central information system.

The technology, developed by "ARAD Technologies Ltd." from the ARAD Group, enables transfer of information and alerts from the water meters, through the cellular network to a data base that will be accessible to all the certified users, including field personnel and regional managers. The project constitutes a revolution in the way the field personnel operate, and its uniqueness will show positively in the clients' perception of service.

Step B (the present step)

A second stage of the project is drawing to its end; 12,000 digital/wireless water meters were installed, and are collecting and transmitting their meter readings to the data base, where it would be accessible to the water supply engineers, technical offices and field personnel.

Also, within the project framework, central posts were installed in each regional zone, where real-time alerts, like water theft, sabotage and failures, are monitored in real time.

Water Theft Monitoring

Beyond real time detection of theft, failures and problems in water-meters, and analysis of exceptional events, the system has already proven itself by detecting water thefts; some suspects have been detained and charges were brought against them.

Water theft has already been detected in the southern region of Israel, near Kibutz Revivim. Yet, the system also detected another case – not less serious but very cunning theft attempt – where water meters were removed and replaced temporarily, to be rewound and reinstalled after some time with a much reduced reading.

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