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World Records Achievments

World Records

Deep Drilling - Mekorot drills to extraordinary depths of up to 1.5 kilometers, based on global hydrological expertise.


Water Loss - Mekorot has very low water loss - only 2.5% of the water supplied by the water pipeline stretching a length of 12,000 kilometers.  For comparison sake, the average global water loss  in developed countries is 15% and in underdeveloped countries the  loss reaches 40-70%!  Mekorot’s world record stems from its integrated activity to locate, address and reduce the loss through maintenance of the pipeline, covering and insulating reservoirs, precise measurements and prevention of water theft.

Reclamation of Water for Agriculture - Mekorot has a world record in the reclamation of wastewater for agriculture, both in terms of quantity and quality:  the Company reclaims about 60% of the wastewater for agriculture.  Far behind in second place is Spain, with a reclamation rate of 15%

Two National Carriers - The first National Water Carrier was inaugurated in 1964, for the purpose of transporting water from northern Israel’s Sea of Galilee to Israel’s central and southern regions that are arid and have depleted natural water sources.  Currently, Mekorot is establishing a New National Water Carrier - a mega project to supply desalinated water from the seawater desalination plants along the Mediterranean coast to the national system, where it will be distributed in all directions:  from west to east, to central, northern and southern Israel, with operational flexibility and energy efficiency.