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The Mekorot Group has gained an international reputation in the water industry, thanks to its unique status on the international scene.  This is reflected in the wide range of solutions and services that Mekorot supplies to the Israeli water industry: related to water quality; water resource management; water safety; pumping and conduction; desalination; wastewater treatment; reclamation and safeguarding water sources - all under one roof.  Thanks the Mekorot Group’s expertise, professionalism, know-how and experience, the Mexican Environmental Protection and Natural Resources Ministry selected the Group as its partner, consultant and advisor in rehabilitating Mexico’s water reservoirs.

In November of 2013, the Mekorot Group signed an agreement with the Mexican Environmental Protection and Natural Resources Ministry for the rehabilitation of Mexico’s groundwater, water treatment and contamination prevention, through Mexico’s National Water Commission known as Conagua. 

According to the agreement, the Mekorot Group will provide the Mexican National Water Commission with technical assistance in order to protect the groundwater quality, take steps toward rehabilitating the subterranean reservoirs and ensure quality control of the reconstruction of the water sources.

In the joint venture’s first stage, a survey will be conducted, with recommendations for purifying the aquifers, at a cost of NIS 20 million.  In the second stage, pilots will be conducted to substantiate the treatment processes; and finally, the actual treatment plants will be built.

The Mekorot Group and the Mexican Water Commission selected 10 subterranean water reservoirs that represent a variety of contaminants and a decrease in the water quality, including salination of the groundwater, non-organic man-made contaminants, excess treated wastewater, contamination in agricultural areas due to the seepage of pesticides, petroleum contamination or contamination in strategic regions for the utilization of gas.

The Mekorot Group will assess the contamination factors in the ten selected groundwater reservoirs, determine whether the contamination is reversible and recommend rehabilitation strategies.  The Mekorot Group’s experts will be asked to determine whether following the implementation of the strategies it will be possible to consume the water; or alternately, if purification processes will be necessary.  The Mekorot Group will submit proposals to Conagua for the chemical and biological rehabilitation of the reservoirs.

In addition, according to the agreement, the Mekorot Group will instruct Conagua experts and parties on its behalf with regard to areas related to groundwater quality.

The agreement was signed by Mekorot Group CEO Shimon Ben Hamo and Mexico’s National Water Corporation Chairman, David Kornfeld. The agreement was signed  December 2013 in Mexico, in the presence of Israel’s President Shimon Peres and the President of Mexico, Mr. Enrique Nieto, as part of a cooperation agreement signed between the two countries.