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“Mekorot”, ranked one of the ten leading water companies in the world, holds knowhow, capabilities and experience of more than 75 years. Based on these significant added values, “Mekorot” established WaTech – the Center for Technological Innovation and Co-operation in the field of water. The Center constitutes a technological incubator and is meant to provide a response to the water challenges in Israel and worldwide, by locating and developing the water technologies of tomorrow. The Center’s activity is carried out with various developers: start-up companies and mature companies, academic entities, investors and venture capitals. It focuses on promoting initiatives and collaboration alongside the promotion of applied research. WaTech is further responsible for developing patents and registering them as “Mekorot” intellectual property, and for operating an informatics array to enrich the professional knowhow available for the group’s activity.

Following is a detailing of WaTech’s activity with the various entrepreneurships:

Business ventures and collaborations

WaTech assist in a number of ways in the promotion of new companies and development groups in the field of water technology:
• Providing sites for alpha and beta testing – “Mekorot’s” advanced technological infrastructures allow extensive use of the database and platforms, including various geographical data (such as the beta-simulator simulating various climates around the world) as a base for development experiments in the “Cleantech” field.
• Partnership in the design – the professional teams at “Mekorot” have extensive experience and updated knowhow regarding the management of water resources and water technologies. These "assets" help entrepreneurs in performing initial studies, in product development and in the management of product specifications.
• Providing support and technical analysis – the partners receive full support and guidance from “Mekorot” teams, and receive access to the Company’s laboratories.
• Joint marketing initiatives with startup companies – the initiatives also include assistance in obtaining access to global markets, capital and strategic partnerships.
• Validation – the content experts at “Mekorot” test the validity of the technologies in alpha, beta or laboratory testing. At the end of the testing, in the event the technology has proven effective, “Mekorot” – who is a respected water company around the world – provides the start-up company with a report summarizing and verifying the efficacy of the technology, thus paving the way to the commercialization of the product.
• Financing – helping entrepreneurs with financing the testing.


It will be noted that over the years over 750 development proposals for projects in the field of water technology were examined at WaTech and agreements were made with circa 28 entrepreneurs. In this framework “Mekorot” provides its state of the art facilities for alpha and beta testing, when the Company’s most senior experts in the various water disciplines take part in the design, the development of the project and the examination of the acquisition potential. “Mekorot’s” commitment is expressed both in achieving the best possible professional results and in obtaining the required business leverage, through the many entities it is connected with.


Applied research

Through the WaTech Center, “Mekorot” conducts approximately 60 applied research projects to promote knowledge and find new water technologies. The studies are conducted in collaboration between the “Mekorot” research teams and leading academic institutions in Israel and worldwide. In Israel “Mekorot” cooperates with the “Technion” in Haifa, the Tel Aviv University, the Ben Gurion University, the Hebrew University and other research bodies. Around the world the group collaborates with well-known academic institutions, international research foundations and reputable companies in their field. The “Mekorot” knowledge centers are expressed in the joint research processes, including three major advanced R&D (research and development) centers: the “Eshkol Site” at the Beit Netofa Valley – for surface water research, laboratories and analytical instrumentation; the “Shafdan Site” in Rishon Lezion – for the study of wastewater, effluent and reclaimed water; and the “Sabha Site” in Eilat – for the research of brackish water and seawater desalination.


Submitting a proposal for collaboration

Entrepreneurs, start-up companies, mature companies and research and academia entities engages in developing water technologies, are invited to approach WaTech and offer innovative solutions for joint research and development, on the way to their full commercial integration. To submit a request to examine collaboration with WaTech, the following material must be provided:
Explanations and comprehensive technical materials on the technology and the proposed idea.
An explanation on the current status of activity: at what stage of development is the product found, initial feasibility evidence, results, reports and all other relevant materials.
Documents indicating the technological innovation.
Business plan, market survey and/or description of the potential market segment the technology addresses.
Details on the collaboration required from “Mekorot” and the main expected stages of work.
Details on the company and its people.
In order to advance the requests it is recommended you highlight in the request the innovation found in the proposed technology compared to existing technologies as well as the relevance of the proposed solution to the daily activities carried out at “Mekorot”.
The materials are to be sent together to WaTech.


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